Signing On

Ok, so I am interpreting it as a sign.

Two signs, actually.

The first was that on this, my 90th Codecademy day, less than half an hour after I texted my hubby along the lines of:

“I totally should start a blog about being a stay at home mum of two in my late(ish) 30s trying to get tech savvy, whilst also learning to code, despite the madness that is commonplace around here”;

Vodafone sent me a text to say my new tablet would arrive a day early. Today! (Luckily I read the text about four minutes before the time slot specified had started. It was equally lucky that I had finished the last leg of the nursery run and I’d already, alongside my two excited spudlings, watched/waved at the bin men going about their business. I had also been given time to pull in the pushchair, prevent the newly emptied bins from escaping down the street in the gale-force wind, and wrestle the kids from their coats. Fortune definitely smiled on me.)

The second favourable portent? As I wrote ‘sign’ above, the doorbell rang. The tablet is here!! Yaay!! Let the blogging commence!

Now, don’t go thinking it is a massive or fancy tablet. (C’mon, it’s me writing here). Once I’ve pulled it from its box and played with it for a few hours I will provide a wee review of it (in layman’s terms, of course). I need it for conservative things: pictures, Youtube, surfing the web…maybe some Skype with my Inlaws and definitely coding. Or for giving to my hubby to make up for the fact I have commandeered the PC for coding. You catch my drift.

My laptop died. Or rather: it has stopped associating with the internet and has a creaky, unfriendly C drive. The D drive is unfortunately bloated with four years of snap-happy-mummy’s picture storage requirements.

Our other (cheap) tablet got picky about whom it liked handling it, and also fell out with our internet connection.

So don’t go thinking I am collecting tech for the sake of it or anything.

I prefer to use my devices to near-death, and then poke their gasping bodies. Or at least use them until they are firmly old-hat.

I think my last Walkman actually still works, as does my Dictaphone with the wee tapes. Aaah memories.

I currently have a Galaxy Express 2 Android phone…and that was an upgrade from my (purple) HTC Wildfire S only a year or so ago. It in turn was an upgrade from an archaic device I forget the name of that had no internet capability. Heavens!!

I love my phone – kiddy-scars and all – but it’ll never make me cool (or get pinched in a bar, for that matter). I still lament the fact I have to edit my videos of the kids to short blasts in order to email them to my mum. Silly decent cameras. It used to be so simple. (Probably still is but I haven’t realised…must google that…)

I LOVE being able to snap pics wherever I go, however, and SD cards are genius.

But I digress.

So why IS this woman who hasn’t written so a computer can understand her since Commodore 64 days (and who wrote all of her English degree’s essays on a hand-me-down PC sporting Windows 95, despite it being 2000-04) – not to MENTION her being maths-phobic and not one for zooming far out of her comfort zone to boot – suddenly wanting to learn to code???!

Well, I was messing around on Duolingo (currently on a 135-day streak, dabbling in 4 languages, if you’re interested) and I thought: “coding is just another series of languages.  Maybe I should check that out” and here I am.

  • Spending 15-30mins a day on it.
  • Getting books out the library about it.
  • Reading and USING said books.
  • Enjoying it, for goodness sake.
  • Surprising myself daily.
  • Beginning to realise the potential and scope of it.
  • Exercising my fluffy mummy mind.

I also read that women are not getting into coding as much as they could (and should) be. I can’t have that…


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