Fort(night)y Winks

I feel like I am in an alternate universe because I am stupidly bunged up and tired, but I live to code another day.  I realise that I am now on CC day 114 and I have neglected the blogging, but I have lots of stuff I have been longing to write about, just precious little time. I will write those posts soon though, promise…

The lurgy monster has visited us a lot recently. I have been (and still am) in the habit of surrounding us four with handkies, blankets, paracetomol/antibiotic-containing suspensions and making sure the sick bucket and towels are close too.  Kids with coughs can’t be trusted, after all.

My youngest is on his second ear infection and has managed to get it in both ears and also perforate both eardrums. The doctor seemed quite impressed by that yesterday. I’m not. I am sleep deprived enough to cry over such things happening to my gorgeous offspring, actually. I wish I could make it all go away as he seems so distressed by it.

My eldest has a sore patch under his nose that he just won’t leave alone, and I can’t Sudocrem it like a nappy rash for fear of poisoning his tongue as it goes exploring…

Hubby has one sore ear and a tickly cough. I have a crackly chest and yuck making me feel blah. Isn’t it just all so lovely? !

Add to all of this the course we have been trying to keep up with, the endless walks to and from nursery (when Peeks has been well enough), trying to keep on top of the very messy house with no energy…etc etc…and you start to see that maybe the blog has been a bit quiet for a reason.

Oh, something that will make you laugh, however? Our oven just stopped working about two weeks ago, too. We still have two of our four rings on the hob limping along though, and the grill as well. (No, we don’t own a microwave. Did you really need to ask?? Health reasons rather than low – tech ones this time). The oven is relatively old, but still. I think there is definitely a gremlin in our house. It has failed to undo my hubby, however, for he has still been rustling up yummy food for us all. Yaay for him!

So how has the coding journey been faring through all of this pandemonium?  Well, I have not learned anything I deem to be particularly cool of late. I have had no potters through a book for a while *instantly feels guilty* but I have been picking my way through lessons about Java script on CC. It has not been going in very easily. I am finding myself hopping onto the discussion forum and working backwards from other people’s code to try and determine what’s expected of me. I do not find it as ‘easy’ as HTML or CSS but I am persevering! I think if I jumped around a bit less (I have a few different courses started at a time) I’d probably fare better! I need to knuckle down more and get back to a good learning regimen once the gunk abates.

Please let that be soon!!

I hope I haven’t given you any viruses through this post.




No, the above refuses to move across the screen.

So, if you feel like seeing just how pleased I am by sticking with coding so long, please go here.

(Let me know if you change anything, I’d be interested to see what I can learn from you!)